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In Sewing Machine Magic, author and sewing expert Steffani Lincecum shares 30+ years of experience on how to handle a sewing machine with greater ease and confidence, and explains how to easily find and use the right presser feet and other accessories for your machine, whether you purchased it at retail or found it at a yard sale. You’ll learn the logistics of managing thread, how to achieve the proper stitch formation for every project, and how to troubleshoot a variety of common sewing problems. Sewing Machine Magic is a hands-on visual guide to mastering skill-building techniques that demystifies the often baffling and overwhelming world of sewing accessories. By offering knowledge and methods for avoiding frustrating pitfalls, Sewing Machine Magic makes the sewing experience more enjoyable, allowing readers to visually try out tools before deciding to purchase, motivating them to try new techniques, and building confidence to tackle new projects. Author: Steffani Lincecum. Format: paperback. ISBN: 978-1-58923-950-0. Published: 14/12/2017. Publisher: The Quarto Group. Total pages: 144. Genre: Crafts and Hobbies. EAN: 9781589239500.

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