The Ultimate Pasta Machine Cook Book


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Homemade pasta is easy, fast, and fun. It tastes better than boxed pastas from the store. And, while-store-bought pastas come in a variety of shapes, they all have one bland flavour; by contrast, making pasta by hand at home lets you create and enjoy dozens of different flavors of noodles. With expert wisdom and a gentle, step-by-step approach, this cookbook about pasta-making covers all kinds of pasta machines that delivers fool proof recipes sure to make you an expert noodle master in no time! The hand-cranked manual pasta machine has been around for two centuries at least, but what is new are: The wider range of both manual and electric pasta makers that are available. The upsurge in interest in homemade pasta, along with other kinds of DIY/ “from scratch” cooking. Delectable pastas that can be made with electric or manual pasta machines, or by using the very popular pasta attachments for Kitchen Aid mixers and other stand mixers. Author: Lucy Vaserfirer. Format: paperback. ISBN: 9781592339488. Published: 04/08/2020. Publisher: The Quarto Group. Total pages: 208. Genre: Cookery. EAN: 9781592339488.

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